Coinstar Holiday Bonus Promotion

CoinstarEvery year, Coinstar offers a holiday bonus promotion where you can get an extra $10 for every $40 in coins you count with their Coinstar machines. In order to get the extra $10, you need to bring over $40 in coins and choose a gift card option. You can choose a gift card from iTunes,, Regal Cinemas, United Artists Theaters, Lowes, Borders, or Rixty. Coinstar usually charges you a 9.8% fee for counting coins but waives that if you choose to receive your change in the form of a gift card or eCertificate. For that, you can choose from a larger set of retailers to include, Borders, CVS/pharmacy, Gap, Old Navy, JCPenney, Lowe’s, Old Navy, Overstock, and many others.

When you count your coins, you’ll get a receipt that includes both your card number, which is your gift card, and a promotion code. You enter the promo code at the Coinstar website (for the specific vendor) and they’ll send you the $10 bonus. For example, here’s the page for you to enter in the Amazon promotion code (not that the $10 bonus for Amazon is only for toys and games).

With the holidays coming up, we plan on buying quite a bit from so this deal to get an extra $10 is nice icing on the cake. We get to shed some coinage, get a gift card we can use, and get a nice $10 bonus.

Here’s their Coinstar machine locator. Offer ends 12/31/10, ends 12/22/10.

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