DirecTV Referral Offer Program

DirecTV is one of the few cable providers that offers a referral program. Some cable companies call it a “refer a friend” programs, others call it a a “tell your friends” program but the end result is the same – you get a credit to your bill for every new customer you refer. The friend that you refer will also get a credit on their bill, which makes for a fantastic win-win situation. If you’re signing up for DirecTV, there is no reason why you wouldn’t take advantage of their refer a friend program.

I don’t have DirecTV service, I’m locked into a contract with Verizon FiOS, but my friends do so if you’re looking for a referral number, please use: 27228388 (last name Engel)

In return, you will get $100 in bill credits.

This is in addition to any DirecTV promotions you are eligible for.

If you want more details, here’s their page on how the referral program works.

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