How to Take Advantage of Groupon & Living Social

Social buying sites are great. Who doesn’t love getting a $90 massage for just $45? What about dinner at your favorite restaurant for half price? It’s a win win for everyone involved (well, maybe not the spa or the restaurant). The two big juggernauts in the room are Groupon and Livingsocial and they’ve become huge businesses by selling these vouchers socially.

Both have referral programs where you can get money or free vouchers for referring your friends. The key is to do it smartly, no one likes a friend who constantly peppers them with referral requests, right? Here’s how to take advantage of these referral programs.

Don’t Be Annoying

You only earn the referral money once. After they sign up and buy their first deal, you can’t get another $10 from Groupon or Living Social. If you’ve asked them once, don’t bother asking them again. You don’t know who signed up and you risk coming off as annoying!

Search Secondary Voucher Sites

There are plenty of sites where you can resell your voucher, in case you don’t want to use it or change your mind, so why not start there in your search for a voucher? You can often get an even bigger discount or get access to a hot deal that you missed before.


A lot of restaurants use these sites as a marketing tool and if you see a restaurant on Groupon, chances are you’ll see them on too. Check for coupons because you will almost always see some deal where you get a $25 gift certificate for less than $5.

Groupon and Living Social are great businesses that help many people save money, but you can do even better!

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