I Don’t Understand Black Friday Sales

As I celebrate this Thanksgiving with turkey and all the trimmings, a few hardy shoppers will be bracing themselves for the shopping battlefield that is Black Friday. As I’m laying warm in my bed, snoozing the night away, thousands will line up outside stores for their doorbuster sales and risk injury for a good price on a digital camera. I hope that no one gets hurt, as some did last year, and I hope every gets what they want at the price they want… but I really don’t understand Black Friday.

I don’t understand Black Friday sales because you can often find a great price on something by looking online. Many online vendors are having their own Black Friday sales that extend throughout the weekend. You also have Cyber Monday, which the online version of Black Friday and that falls on the Monday after Black Friday. The best part is that you can get those great prices without waking up at 3AM and waiting in line.

Skip Black Friday offline and get with the 21st century – buy it online.

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