ING Direct New Account Referral Promotion Codes

ING DirectING Direct is one of my favorite online banks because they make everything so easy to do. Their online interface is fantastic and you can do basically anything you could possibly want through their website. It takes just a few minutes to open one of their online savings accounts and they give you $25 as a bonus if you can deposit $250 and keep it through. All you need is an ING Direct referral from an existing customer. Once you have an account, you can refer your friends and earn $10 each, for up to 50 people. That’s an extra $500 in your pocket!

Once you get their Orange Savings account, you can open up an ING Direct Electric Orange Checking account and get $50 bonus. Their Electric Orange Checking account has no overdraft charges, no ATM surcharges, and no monthly fees. Just open an account and make 3 debit card purchases (or Person2Person payments) within 45 days and you’ll get $50 on day 50. It’s just that easy with no funny games. While you’re doing that, your balances under $50,000 will earn 0.25% APY (as of February 24th, 2011).

ING Direct may not have the tip top interest rates but their various bonuses and promotions make up for the difference. Plus it’s a great bank.

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