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I absolutely love Netflix. Most people know it as the company that sends you DVDs to watch but I love it because I can watch almost any television show streaming off their site or on my XBox360 for less than ten bucks a month. I’ve watched entire series of shows from Nip/Tuck to Arrested Development to Californication to Friday Night Lights, all with one monthly fee. There simply is no other services that lets me watch so many shows while paying so little. Their library of instant streaming content is absolutely astounding.

Netflix offers a four week trial that lets you borrow one movie disc and gives you access to their entire library of streaming content.

Instant streaming content is the crown jewel in Netflix’s offering and the reason why I have a subscription to the service. For pennies each day, you get access to a tremendous library of movies and television shows instantly available to your computer, XBox360, Wii, or one of several Internet-enabled console devices. There is absolutely no limit to how many hours of content you can watch during a month, it’s a veritable buffet of movies and TV. Remember an old television series that you never finished? How about a movie that you weren’t sure if you’d like and passed while it was in the theaters? Probably available instantly.

Besides that, the mailed DVD service is fast too. I use the one-disc out plan and it takes, on average, two days to get a disc after I mail one out. I watch them at my leisure, usually infrequently, but I’m able to get the ones I want quickly without much waiting. I’ve always wondered how they mail discs out so quickly and it has to do with their incredible distribution (it’s amazing how quickly they open and stuff envelopes):

Netflix is definitely worth checking out, especially at such an affordable price.

Netflix Corporate Information

Netflix Inc. (NFLX)
100 Winchester Circle
Los Gatos, CA 95032
Phone: 408-540-3700
Fax: 408-540-3737

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