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Opinion Outpost is one of the few legitimate survey sites out there that is limited to adults 18 and over. I’ve seen a lot of survey sites out there that make promises of how many surveys you’ll get, how much money you can make, but Opinion Outpost is the real deal. Like any legitimate survey site, it’s absolutely free to join and you can anywhere from $1 to $10 for filing out a survey. If you complete your profile and remain active on the site, you can get a ton of surveys each month.

You can sign up for
Opinion Outpost here.

Once you get past the hokey western theme, you’ll find a site, and a company, that is legitimately one of the best survey sites available. Opinion Outpost is owned by Opinionology, formerly Western Wats (hence the western theme), a market research company that sends out millions of surveys each year and one of the leaders in market research.

Toluna USA

Another great company to look at (USA only) is Toluna USA. Toluna is a consumer company that has an online community dedicated to reviewing products and services. They work with research companies to fill their survey groups and even let you create some of the questions via topics and polls. There is absolutely no registration fee (don’t join anything that charges you – they should be paying you!). When you participate in their surveys, you earn points that you can put towards rewards.

Opinion Outpost Surveys

Each survey will be worth anywhere between ten and a hundred points, the email will indicate exactly how much it’s worth. You will start by filling out some preliminary questions, to ensure you’re a good fit, before the survey itself. Act quickly on these emails because many surveys are limited so it’s a first come, first served scenario. You might qualify and be a perfect candidate but you might not get in because they’ve reached their limit. Each survey can take anywhere from 5 minutes to 25 minutes, with the longer surveys being worth more points.

You must fill out a survey once every three months or they will deactivate you, which includes losing your points, and you’ll get anywhere from 2-10 surveys each month depending on availability.

Tips on Maximizing Surveys

When you first sign up, you’ll be offered ten “profile” surveys. These are not paid surveys but designed to ask you questions and build your profile, which will be used to select future surveys. These ten profile surveys are crucial and it pays to spend time to fill out these surveys. When you complete your profile, you will receive more surveys because they will be better armed to know which surveys are best for you. Let me repeat – completing these “free” surveys means you’ll get more paid surveys down the road. Think of it as an investment in your future. If you skip these, you won’t get as many down the road.

Getting Paid

You earn points for completing surveys and ten points is equal to $1 USD. You can convert the points anytime you’ve accumulated more than 50 points ($5) and you will receive the check in about six weeks. I’ve searched the web for reviews of the promptness of their payments and have yet to find a legitimate complaint. They’re a huge market research company that relies on consumers answering surveys, there’s no reason to expect them to withhold payment.

Everything I’ve read, and experienced first hand, is top notch with this company.

You can sign up for
Opinion Outpost here.

More Survey Companies

Opinion Outpost is just one of several great companies out there that will pay you for your time. Another good survey network is Vindale Research, a research firm based out of New York City. I’ve used them with great success too.

Finally, here are two that I haven’t tried yet but that I’ve heard good things about –My Paid Survey Depot – they accept citizens of the United States, Canada, Great Britain, and Australia – and Survey Junkie – United States only.

Let us know your about experiences!

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