MegaBus 200,000 Free Seats Giveaway Promotion Code
MegaBus, a popular daily express bus service operator, is giving away 200,000 seats for travel between January 12th, 2011 and March 1st, 2011. The free seats are subject to availability in U.S. cities and Toronto and you must enter promo code WOW200K to get the promotional price (free!).

Click here for more more details.

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Donate Time Instead of Money

Times have been tough on a lot of people and, unfortunately, one of the places people might cut back on is charitable giving. If you can’t spare the money to make a cash donation to your favorite charity, consider donating some of your time or your skills. It might be easier to write a check, assuming you can spare the money, than donate your time but both are equally valuable. In fact, depending on your skillset, your time may be far more valuable than what you’d be willing to donate.
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BistroMD Coupon Codes

Lose Weight with BistroMD!BistroMD offers gourmet meals designed by Dr. Caroline Cederquist, a past trustee of the American Society of Bariatric Physicians, author of The Honest Diet for Busy Women, and guest expert on both the Dr. Phil Show and The Ricki Lake Show; with a team of nutritionists and gourmet chefs.

The meals are prepared by a chef and then vacuum sealed and frozen before shipment, locking in their flavors and textures while retaining all the nutritional content. The plan includes three meals and two snacks per day, a combined intake of about 1,200 calories a day. These foods are high volume, low calories; which will leave you feeling full without all the calories.
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Snapfish Free 50 Print Coupon Code

Snapfish.comSnapfish is offering 50 free prints for both new and existing accounts with coupon code HPINK50 with free shipping. You get 50 prints, free shipping, and you can be an existing customer. It doesn’t get much better than that.

All you have to do is visit the site, upload your images, add fifty 4×6 prints to the cart, enter in HPINK50 and check out. The easiest 50 free prints you’ll ever do and existing customers can still take advantage!

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Coinstar Holiday Bonus Promotion

CoinstarEvery year, Coinstar offers a holiday bonus promotion where you can get an extra $10 for every $40 in coins you count with their Coinstar machines. In order to get the extra $10, you need to bring over $40 in coins and choose a gift card option. You can choose a gift card from iTunes,, Regal Cinemas, United Artists Theaters, Lowes, Borders, or Rixty. Coinstar usually charges you a 9.8% fee for counting coins but waives that if you choose to receive your change in the form of a gift card or eCertificate. For that, you can choose from a larger set of retailers to include, Borders, CVS/pharmacy, Gap, Old Navy, JCPenney, Lowe’s, Old Navy, Overstock, and many others.

When you count your coins, you’ll get a receipt that includes both your card number, which is your gift card, and a promotion code. You enter the promo code at the Coinstar website (for the specific vendor) and they’ll send you the $10 bonus. For example, here’s the page for you to enter in the Amazon promotion code (not that the $10 bonus for Amazon is only for toys and games).

With the holidays coming up, we plan on buying quite a bit from so this deal to get an extra $10 is nice icing on the cake. We get to shed some coinage, get a gift card we can use, and get a nice $10 bonus.

Here’s their Coinstar machine locator. Offer ends 12/31/10, ends 12/22/10.

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Golfsmith Promotion & Coupon Codes

Golfsmith - World's Largest Golf SuperstoreGolfsmith is a premier golf sporting goods store with online stores and brick and mortar shops. Founded in 1967 by Carl and Barbara Paul in Edison, NJ, Golfsmith has been one of the leading golf stores in the nation with 76 stores in 21 states.

They offer $5.99 flat rate shipping on every domestic order, every single day, and they offer a 115% low price “price match” guarantee. “Just show us the lower price within 30 days after purchasing the product from us and we’ll refund the purchase difference plus 15 percent of the difference as a credit to your account. This policy does not extend to promotional giveaways, or special and limited offers.” There are also some product exclusions, you can read more on the Golfsmith site.
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How to Negotiate a Better Deal on Cable Television Service

Cable television, and internet service, is ridiculous expensive these days. Cable providers claim it’s so they can provide hundreds of channels, many of which are also available in high definition, but I think it’s because they can get away with it. Too many people sign up for service and then just automatically pay each month without thinking about it.

The cable companies are smart about getting people to sign long term contracts, add channels they won’t watch as often as they think they will, and rent boxes that do a lot more than people really need. Fortunately, competition in the cable service business is incredibly fierce and you can use it to your advantage.
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Chipotle: Free Burrito with $25 Gift Card Purchase

Chipotle is running a great promotion this holiday season where they will give you a free burrito, bowl, salad, or order of tacos if you buy $25 or more in gift cards between now and December 24th. Simply present the receipt on your next visit (you must redeem it before December 31st) and you get some free food! Some people have reported being able to buy a $25 gift card and then immediately using it to get a free burrito (bowl, salad, or order of tacos) right then and there. You must buy the gift cards in the store (you can’t buy it online).

You can find the closest Chipotle using their store locator.

Chipotle Free Burrito Promotion

Easiest burrito promotion you’ll ever see!

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1 FREE Audiobook RISK-FREE from AudibleA few years ago, I had an unpredictable morning commute that would sometimes take forty minutes and sometimes take nearly two hours. I live in the Washington D.C. area and anyone who has driven on any stretch of the DC Beltway (495) can attest to the fact that traffic there can be absolutely miserable. A couple drops of rain will turn a twenty minute drive into a two hour drive. Many a commuter has found their day basically ruined by a jackknifed tractor trailer. With the confluence of so many major highways, it’s amazing anyone gets anywhere.

At first, my solution to battle this was to listen to the local public radio station (WAMU) for their NPR programming. On particularly long driving days, I found that the programming repeated and the same news segments were being replayed. To battle that, I started to listening to books on tape. At first I relied on the CDs available from our local library, but eventually I had to resort to audio books you could download online – that led me to
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I Don’t Understand Black Friday Sales

As I celebrate this Thanksgiving with turkey and all the trimmings, a few hardy shoppers will be bracing themselves for the shopping battlefield that is Black Friday. As I’m laying warm in my bed, snoozing the night away, thousands will line up outside stores for their doorbuster sales and risk injury for a good price on a digital camera. I hope that no one gets hurt, as some did last year, and I hope every gets what they want at the price they want… but I really don’t understand Black Friday.

I don’t understand Black Friday sales because you can often find a great price on something by looking online. Many online vendors are having their own Black Friday sales that extend throughout the weekend. You also have Cyber Monday, which the online version of Black Friday and that falls on the Monday after Black Friday. The best part is that you can get those great prices without waking up at 3AM and waiting in line.

Skip Black Friday offline and get with the 21st century – buy it online.

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