Rapid Rise in Coupon and Promotion Code Site Popularity

It seems like just a few short years ago that sites like Fatwallet.com, techbargains, and slickdeals were the places to go if you wanted to find the latest in hot deals. There weren’t too many sites focused on saving money by way of coupons and promotion codes, they were all focused on sales and lowering costs through rebates and other means. Then, almost overnight, the number of coupon and promotion code sites simply exploded.

The most recognizable of the bunch is probably RetailMeNot with it’s friendly search system and community vetting system. Visitors to RetailMeNot can tell the system whether or not a code was valid, thus letting the community police and cure the codes located on the site. On the other side of the spectrum you have manually updated sites like Bargain Briana and Promo Code Center with their more colloquial feel. They’re just as valuable, almost more personalized, without the heavy in your face commercialism found on other sites.

Part of the reason for coupon site’s popularity has to do with the economy. With unemployment hovering around 10% and millions out of work, everyone is looking to save a few more dollars on the purchases they already make. If they have a lot of time to search the web to save those dollars, they will. It doesn’t take a rock scientist to type “[brand name] promo code” or “[brand name] coupons” to find valuable money saving coupons floating out there.

If you do a search for “best buy coupons,” Google returns “about ” 46,900,000 results. One of those results is going to save you money on your next Best Buy purchase. Need a coupon code for Restaurant.com? 12.6 million websites are happy to oblige. As the number of merchants go online and start offering promotions, coupons, and sales, the number of coupon sites will only increase in number.

If you’re one of the many struggling Americans looking to save some money, start scouring those coupon and code websites because you will certainly be able to find something there you can use.

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