Coupon Codes Weekly Promo Offer 300 x is a site that lets you buy significantly discounted gift certificates to restaurants. The retail price of any gift certificate is already 60% off ($10 gift certificate can be had for $4, $50 gift certificate for $20, etc.) but there are always coupon codes for even bigger savings. I like to think of it as another marketing channel for restaurants, as these are the same restaurants you’d find offering coupons and discounts in local circulars and the city paper.

A few caveats – the list of restaurants is not particular extensive, so you may not even find any restaurants you enjoy in the area. There is a minimum purchase required, an automatic gratuity, and a few other restrictions associated with each gift certificate. You’ll find the requirements aren’t onerous, but they are designed to protect the restaurant from abuse.

The codes themselves change often, usually only available for a week or so, and you’ll find the latest codes posted here along with the associated discount. This week, the code is:

TREAT (80% off, Expires October 31)

Expired Codes: DINE, ENJOY, SWEET

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